When it’s raining but the sun is shining

This is an analogy of course.

You know that week, when you look at your diary and think, holy fuck!  How?  How am I going to do all this and get child A from party B and child C to party D and get bread and milk into the house?

And your brain is like a logistics headquarters with everything running at five minute intervals to itself and no – your hair isn’t getting washed ‘til Wednesday, no matter what.

And you feel like life is raining down on your head like a blizzard.

And then it rains more because a child gets sick.  Which actually causes the sun to shine because suddenly – there is no indoor soccer, she can’t go to the party at that swimming pool in the city  (why people, why do parents still hold birthdays there – for the love of God!) and the violin concert that she was playing in on a Monday night is no more.

And while there are other stresses like aforementioned sick child (and don’t get me wrong, I do not for one second wish her ill so that I don’t have to run around like a headless chicken) the whole game changes.  And there’s just a little bit of room to breathe.

You get to work from home, quietly.  Also clears your head.

And miraculously, it all still works – aside from the other child at school leaving her lunch at home and that your hair is still going to wait til Wednesday for that wash.  I found this beautiful saying on the www – which is where all good things reside.  Hope this gives you some relief – it certainly spoke to me.

And the sun always rises the next day. Regardless.

Love and light 

Lauren xxx


  1. Me

    What a great quote !!! The middle bit is something that I said once to my husband and ever since then he has repeated it to me at every applicable moment “you are never dealt a hand that you can’t deal with” – and I truly believe that. I love the ‘extras’ that surround that and think that maybe I should print that picture out and keep it strategically placed where I can see it – often !!!
    Have the best day !

  2. Kelly HTandT

    Love that quote.
    When I have those ‘life raining down on head like a blizzard’ moments, I call my husband. Not in a romantic “oh he has all of the answers and centers me” kind of way, I call him because his muted silence and confusion reminds me that I’m the boss and I that I have to pick my shit up and keep on moving!

  3. Grace

    I need to print out that quote!
    I think since being a mum, I’ve really had to learn how to be flexible. To just hang on to the ride and breathe through the bumpy moments.
    It’s tough. But somehow, somehow we get through it, don’t we?

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