After a few wines on Saturday at lunch with my brother and SIL (yes Jacques – I’m tired of the long-winded explanation that you’re a fiancée, partner, de facto etc – so I’m just going to pretend you’re married already) it turns out that we are in fact genetically related  (my brother and I).

As if those noses were not a dead giveaway……

We both suffer from Hangry.

Now you wonder what is Hangry?

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say someone (my brother) has been eating salad for lunch and they are used to possibly piling in a wrap or two or some curry and rice.  On the commute (bus) home, they start texting their partner (Jacqui)  to see whether the vegetables have been cut up because they have just passed over the harbour bridge.  They then text to ask whether the meat has been marinaded as they are on the offramp from the highway.  The texts regarding the food preparation continue continuously until they are on the 1st floor walk up because they want the food on the plate as they walk through the door. 

When they arrive and in fact nothing has been done, they are Hangry.

Yes – angry because they are hungry.

The official dictionary definition

I am very familiar with this condition.

The Artist is sometimes on the receiving end of the abovementioned experience – similar but not the same.  I will for example, generally call and ask, where are you?  [in all honesty I should write that in caps lock]. If he is still in the office and not, for example, powering off Southern Cross Drive by 6.45pm – chances are I’m going to be Hangry.  Very Hangry.

It took him a while to recognise what Hangry was and why it is such a dangerous condition for a person’s partner or family.  When accompanied by   hexhaustion – things can get really, really ugly.

A movement away from routine can all result in bad Hangriness.  When we travel, for example, The Artist watches the time because if we lose track he will often say to the children, oh-oh – your mother needs to eat.  The key indicators and warning signs are fidgeting (or the odd slap-slap) or perhaps some random shouting.

Back in the day, due to fear of extreme hangry someone (me) might have kept a “security” chocolate in the handbag at all times.  There is no point in causing an international incident over a drop in one’s blood sugar levels.  Is there?

Working example of a security chocolate

Danger times are generally 11am – an hour and a half before lunch, 4pm – three hours after lunch and 7pm, if someone isn’t home yet for dinner.

In order to avoid a moment yesterday someone might have banged on the closed door of the Wellingtons Bakery at 6.15pm and given the sad face to the baker who opened up and found a petit four to tide her over til dinner.  Such is the understanding of fellow sufferers.

Little Petit – Hit me with your sugar stick!

Do you suffer from Hangry?


  1. Gill

    Oh yes, that’s me too! Never go anywhere without a stash of anti-hangry. And my hanger is quite irrational, almost hormonal, but transforms within seconds of a mouthful of something. 🙂

  2. Danya Banya

    This is totally me (I keep emergency muesli bars!) and unfortunately I seem to have passed it on to my 2.5 year old. When she is tantrumming, I reprimand myself for not keeping up her nibbles, then I give her food and she stops…

  3. Debra Dane

    So funny! I am the Queen of Hangry! My husband alwways knows to suggest we stop for a snack when he sees the signs – he can spot the difference between genuine crankiness and the times it is from a case of hangry!

    Deb @ home life simplified

  4. Kevin

    Wife a pregnant wife I’ve witnessed the dark side of Hangry. There’s little warning but when you see the signs you have to act quick – emergency salt and vinegar crisps – STAT

  5. Me

    I don’t really get hangry but like Jess hate my food to get cold ! I get more angry if he says he will be home by such and such a time and isn’t and hasn’t had the courtesy to call and let me know he is running late !!!
    Have the best day !

  6. Kelly HTandT

    Hilarious! Yes I suffer from extreme hanger, but my 2 1/2 yr old suffers from hungression. Yep, he gets so, so hungry, and it makes him so so depressed. Heartbreaking really. This occurs half an hour before dinner time.

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