Gen Y/Z whatever – where the bloody hell were you?

Yesterday there were some laughs on my part at the expense of Gen Y – who are usually laughing at me because I’m like so old.

The lovely Shel in my office was resplendent in a red frock and was rocking the house on that fine morning.  So much so that the beautiful Bev took one look at her and burst into song, serenading her with Lady in Red as we walked out the door to get coffee.

As we approached the lift, Shel, with a confused face said to me, I don’t know that song.  Bev has a heavy English accent so I nonchalantly said, it’s Lady in Red.  Blank, nothing, never heard that song before.  Then I remembered she’s 24.  I said something about the devil’s home and making her way there.  She probably wasn’t alive when that song was written which according to all things Wiki was 1986.  I guess I have to rest my case here.

A classic – if you were born.

Not to be outdone, at dinner time, over Mexican nachos, and feeling a bit rock chick myself I had loaded U2’s Singles into the cd player – yes – I’m so old I still have a cd player.  Three songs in – one of my children, who doesn’t want to be on the blog anymore so who will remain nameless – said – what is this – it’s terrible.

Sometimes I am rendered speechless.  The biggest rock group of all time are terrible.  Really?  I don’t know if it was my complete horror or disdain but while we were cleaning up the kitchen, someone was putting some serious dance moves to The Saints Are Coming.  And if you think that’s the end of this it isn’t.  To try and create an association with U2 and something tangible I explained the significance of the song, The Saints Are Coming and its relationship to Hurricane Katrina.  The comeback was that she didn’t know that there was even a Hurricane Katrina – it’s what they call a friend whose name is Katrina.

“Hurricane Katrina? I thought that was my friend’s nickname” – Anonymous

Nothing.  I have nothing for you.

I’m linking up today over at the lovely Twinkle in the Eye  and at With Some Grace.


  1. Pip

    I’m going to have that song in my head for the rest of the day now! Love that you’ve offered and she’s taken the choice to stay off the blog. (Popping over from FYBF)

  2. Diane

    Absolutely f-ing priceless. I love Gen Y. Actually attended a seminar to understand how they function in the workplace. Let’s just declare them a “special” breed.

  3. Emily

    Oh no! I’d like to reassure you that I am Gen Y and know pretty much all the lyrics to Lady in Red and anything U2 have released ever. But I’m a bit weird, so whether you want me in your corner is a different question 🙂

  4. Kelly HTandT

    Thanks for the laugh! How have I not found your blog before? You are hilarious!
    And my god – firstly, to not be familiar with the sounds of U2 is surely a crime? And then to call it terrible!? How did you not send your child to some kind of boot camp to have some sense drilled in?
    I’ve had the opposite problem at my work, they’re all older than me and I’m the one sitting quietly with NO IDEA what they’re talking about. But I do know Lady in Red.

  5. Me

    How can they not know that ????? We had that as our wedding dance in 1987 !!!! And U2 – what’s not to love ??????????
    Funny how times and tastes seem to change – I listen to some of the ‘music’ that K listens to and can just hear my Mom in my head with the songs we listened to when we were growing up. Thankfully I have not said what my Mom used to say and quite often K has introduced me to new artists that I have really enjoyed e.g. Adele, Pink, Katy Perry, Rob Thomas to name a few !
    Have the best day !

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