The Fatist

It’s hard to get me rattled in the morning – particularly as I am going through the motions with only half a heartbeat.  And  getting me fired up before my coffee – well, that’s practically unheard of.   Doing my early morning Facebook catch-up on the loo, as you do (yes – I KNOW you all look at Facebook on the toilet so stop with the Ugghhh), I came across some extreme nastiness.

Now I would never have seen this, had a friend not commented on a friend’s status.  Because this friend is not a frequent Facebooker I figured something must be going down to make her come out of her fb closet.  This is what I saw.

I have no words. Did she actually think this was funny?

This woman has 343 friends – and no privacy settings on her Facebook page.  So if you extrapolate that out a bit – it’s quite an exposure.  For a stupid baseless comment from someone who isn’t an expert on nutrition.  Or on how to make friends and influence people.

My friend had commented that perhaps Facebook wasn’t the correct forum to post this kind of thing as it could offend some people.  Duh!!!!!!

The Fatist* went on to discuss her child’s predisposition to being overweight and how she talks healthy eating every day.  My understanding is that the child is under 10 years old.  And of course – she didn’t mean to offend anyone.

Well fucking done you Douche Bag.  Glad I’m not your child.  Or your friend.

No-one consciously goes out there to make their child fat.  Why would you?

So, to The Fatist – perhaps you could put a bucket filled with lard on your wall next to the gate for Halloween 2013 with a sign – NOT A HALLOWEEN FRIENDLY HOUSE. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of other people on your street with the welcoming pumpkin, lollies and a friendly smile.  Even if the kid’s a bit of a fatty .

I hope no-one has the misfortune of knocking  on your door next year.  I’d hate for any child to be on the receiving end of your vitriol at a time when they’re excited about being dressed up and expect some Halloween love.

*The Fatist is not her real name and I went to great lengths to preserve her anonymity.  Not that she deserves it.

What is wrong with some people?

Sharing over at With Some Grace for FYBF and with Bree at Twinkle in the Eye’s Flash Blog Friday


    • alwayslauren

      Very very much so. And also no comprehension that her comment could have gone completely viral, exposed her (as I said no privacy settings on her fb page) on so many levels – personal and professional.

  1. mummylovestorun

    Wow. Where do you start with this. Wrong on so many levels. I am all for healthy eating and setting a good example but this is just crazy and all wrong. Part of teaching healthy eating and Healthy body image is balance which means enjoying food too on occassions LIKE Halloween!!! So not in the spirit of it 😦 Thoughtless and disappointing!!!

  2. becc03

    In the spirit of this woman/man (who has no clue), we went to a house on halloween that told our kids to bugger off and go away! Maybe the halloween ghouls took over their bright and sunny disposition????

  3. Jayne

    I’m with The Fatist. People don’t like uncomfortable truths but others prefer to not pussyfoot around and tell it like it is. Everyone get’s so offended in America, seriously a country containing so many obese people but which just cannot stand to hear it! If people think this is offensive they need to stop being so precious. I see more controversial than this on TV all the time! I can’t abide seeing overweight children, their parents need hauling up for nutrition counselling and teaching their kids to be active. The lifestyles these poor kids are being programmed into for life are appalling and the burden overweight adults place on health care systems is unacceptable. Now THAT is offensive.

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