Some of the best things I have I got from my mother in law

Some of the most useful things I have, I got from my mother in law.

And now while you all do a double take – yes, I’m actually singing the praises of my mother in law – there are things she has given me that I have proven to be invaluable.

In no order of preference I want to mention the picnic blanket with the waterproof underneath and the carry bag that folds around it that she brought back from her first trip to Sydney. At the time I was sans children and wondered wtf I was going to do with it. Well, fourteen years or so down the line, jokes on me baby because that thing is stained to an inch of its life and it’s still going. Strong. This afternoon saw Miss13 sprawled out on it in the sun, recovering from last night’s sleepover. I have a feeling it might be used going forward for these purposes as well as recovering from other “overs” when the child is over 18. And yes, the legal drinking age in this house is 18.

A special mention has to also go to the Mixmaster that she gave me for my engagement. Again, I thought perhaps insanity had prevailed. I mean, did the woman not know that I bought cakes? Wrong again, see evidence below – it gets used often. More often than most of the pots in my house.

Not store bought.

And last but not least, I got The Artist from her. There times when I wanted to package that one up and return to sender but here we are, 16 years later and, like the picnic blanket, going strong.

The Artist – despite having a fierce need for privacy is intrigued by the blog – so much so, that he sent me this a while back after we’d had a really shitty time for many reasons. He’s based it somewhat on the navigation tabs on my blog.

It’s the nicest thing anyone has ever sent me.

About me

I am an artisan, a carpenter, a landscaper, an athlete – leading the life of a chartered accountant. Often I find myself wondering if I’d be more content following my heart more and my head less. Then the realist in me reminds me that there’s school fees to pay, clothes to buy, gotta keep the natives (that’s me) in the style they’ve become used to. People I meet sometimes think they’ve met me before. Sometimes I’m a Costa or a Jamie, but mostly just a Wog.

I share my life with 3 females who sometimes piss me off, sometimes remind me that life isn’t that serious, but mostly make me smile. I sometimes feel isolated, a lone male living amongst a pack of feisty females, mostly I feel special with the affection you get from 3 pretty girls. I am a perfectionist, I believe if you do something you do it properly. All or nothing. In life and in love.

Things I like

  • My house with the sea glimpses
  • My 3 co-habitants with all their madness’s, moods & eccentricities. Maybe even because of them.
  • Braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and my BMW (you know this as Precious)
  • Salt of the earth people who work hard & play hard. No airs & graces

Virtues I aspire to

  • Trying to teach my kids to have a go, try and be the best they can, be persistent and never give up no matter what.
  • Loyalty to people that matter and who live by the same values

Things I hate

  • The cats next door that crap on my lawn.
  • Bludgers
  • Self important people who talk it up, have achieved little and who can thank their lucky stars daddy was born before them
  • Deceit and lies, not the white lie type.

The Artist then did a blog post some parts were too personal to put up. The general discussion was about how we sometimes focus on the crap when in actual fact there’s real shit going down. There was also mention of me saying I was starting yoga. I might have been mocked in that part and mention might have been made of me destroying the karma in the yoga studio. Enough said – I haven’t actually been to yoga yet. The blog parts I’m sharing read as follows:

This week has not been a particularly good one….

An SMS at 4am on Wednesday from my friend & ex business partner in South Africa, letting me know that his wife of 40 odd years has 3 months to live jolted me out of my sleep deprived sub-consciousness. Hilary sadly is losing her long battle with cancer. Please God give her enough strength & courage to wage one more war on the dreaded disease.

On Thursday, my business partner Peter tearfully informed me that his wife’s sister has just had her colon removed and doctors have now also removed multiple lymph nodes as cancer it seems has spread through her body. She is 37 years old with 4 young kids.

As I sit at my desk digesting the sadness that has suddenly engulfed these people’s lives, I find myself thinking about my own stresses and strains….

My better half appears to be going through a mini crisis. Not sure if it is one of those mid-life kinds or one that is just brought on by stress & fatigue. Consistent with years gone by, at this time of the year, she goes through the process of re-evaluating her career & possibly her life. Her matter of fact announcement that she is starting meditation in itself is insane – with most of you reading the blog knowing Lauren as you do – you know she’s going to stuff up the karma for everyone if her hectic self steps through a meditation doorway.

Then there’s the fine balance between work and friendships. [The Artist and I might love each other too much here and sometimes get a big possessive – this part I left out]

But I digress. …

With all the sadness in the world that hits home when people you know and love suddenly are engulfed in it, one reflects on ones own life, all be it fleetingly, until the stresses and strains of your daily existence once again begin to consume the virtues of being thankful for all that you have been blessed with, and slowly, once again begin to replace them with what you may be missing out on.

Lauren, I know sometimes we get caught up in our daily lives but it is important that we take the time to step back, be grateful for what we have and always look to the horizon to remind ourselves of the bigger picture. Sometimes I can be hard arsed. Sometimes I know I convey that the softest part of me is my teeth. Maybe I judge the world and you and the girls by standards I continue to aspire to. That is my biggest fault. All I ask is that you accept me for who I am and love me because of it, God knows, I do you.

I love you and my daughters with all my heart.

Your other half – The Artist.

And this, my friends and countrymen is why I love him like I do.

Happy Anniversary Bad Boy – throwing weeds and cat poo into the neighbours garden – Bad.

The Final Word. And sometimes what most people think x



  1. Me

    I didn’t realise you were married to a South African until I real “Braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and (I knew it wasn’t going to be chevrolet) BMW” !!
    I love that you have such positives about your MIL – I find it really difficult to find positives for her but, after 27 years, I have accepted that she is different to me, thinks differently, does thing differently and that is OK. It doesn’t mean either of us are wrong, it just means we are different.
    Have the best week !

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