Don’t blow me with the winds of change

I’m going to let you in on a part of me that I’m not particularly proud of but over which I have no control.  With age though, comes acceptance.

I don’t like change.

I don’t like new people.  Because then they have to get used to me.  And sometimes that’s hard. And I have to try and adjust myself to make them like me before they realise what a complete fucking lunatic I am. Too hard basket, I say.

I refer not to those people whom I meet and love on impact.  In the past year, I’ve been fortunate with these encounters.

This kind of change – no problem. It’s the small things that freak my routine out.

I keep it clean, I keep it simple and I keep it like I like it.  Just so.

  • The same lady has been colouring my hair for the past 11 years.  The same gentleman has been cutting and blowdrying my hair for the past 8 years.  Nine week’s ago at the hairdresser, human error and a computer glitch saw me paired with the wrong blowdry person.  Trauma.  A week before my appointment last Saturday I had a nightmare that they sprung a new person on me as I arrived for my “blonding” appointment.  It took every fibre of my being not to call and see that nothing had gone wrong.  Nothing had by the way.
  • I ride the same bike in spin class at the gym.  Same position, same number.  Problem on Sunday – someone had been playing cycle switcheroo on Saturday afternoon.  Not happy Jan.  I switcherooed back.
  • A special mention must be made of the coffee guys from the corner at work.  Who shut up shop and made like poof! Gone.  Not a word.  Just like that. After six years.  Like breaking up with someone on a post it note.   I am rudderless in the mornings.  The guy up the road – no coffee chemistry.  The guy at The Bunker – shit attitude.  The guy on the other corner – shit coffee.  Rudderless.

Instead they just disappeared. Like gorillas in the mist.

  • And I guess the biggest problem with change at the moment in my life is a transitioning child to teenager in my house.  I want my child back.  I want to stop the traffic of time.  Because I have a new person in my life.  One that doesn’t like me much and who is turning me into someone I don’t like much.  I don’t want to be the bad cop all the time.  Or the voice of reason.  Or the one that says no.   I don’t want to be the one to take internet privileges away because she slammed the phone down on me (that by the way was the straw that finally broke the camels back – there were many straws before that).

Earning you a weekend without internet. Very well done young lady, very well done.

The winds of change seem to be blowing – like a crazy motherfucker across the eastern seaboard here my way.  I just hope I’m able to hang on to my temper hat because I have no intention of living a few suburbs down in Long Bay.

Just saying.

And on that note I’m going to pray that tomorrow brings me good coffee, the same spin bike – yes number 47 – I’m talking to you – and a child that doesn’t make me do anything I’m going to regret for the next 20 years.  Although I hear the provocation defence is still  used often as a valid argument.

Any similar stories of opposition to change (even if it makes you look like a crazy person)

this is the place to share – like a cone of silence 🙂

Stories of teenage angst also welcome.


  1. TheKidsAreAllRight (@_kidsallright)

    I completely relate to the tales of the teen, from the hanging up on me on the phone (that was a week of privileges gone but it was not the first time and she had been warned) to not liking me very much. Parenting is not a nice gig for a few years, I’ve come to realise. I hope to god we get them back at the end.

    • alwayslauren

      I was going to go to a talk tonight by a Professor David Bennett on coping with teenagers – apparently this is a completely lame thing to do a there isn’t a problem. Perhaps Miss13 has the answers then? And yes – anecdotally survivors say we get them back. But will I still be sane in 5 years time?

  2. Me

    All I can say is that sometime in the future – it will get better. Unfortunately it won’t actually stop when they turn 20 – it seems to linger for a while after that BUT it does get better – I can promise you that. And, most times, you will still be sane at the end of it all – maybe a little greyer – but still sane !!
    Lotsa hugs – I know EXACTLY what you are going through !

  3. Go Camping Australia Family

    I get worried about the teenage years….already at age 11 and 7, the behaviours exhibited seem to be beyond their years, and I too, am the bad cop in the household as I spend the most time with them. This sort of change is inevitable but doesn’t make it less scary prospect.

    Thx for sharing, ANNIE

  4. Grace

    Like parenting isn’t a tough gig enough as it is…then they turn into teenagers. With attitude. No advice from me here as my boys are still toddlers but I am embracing myself for the future that lies ahead.
    Number 47’s a great number for a spin bike 🙂

  5. Stacey-Lee @ Get on with IT already!

    Not a big fan of change unless I am the one instigating it. My eldest is almost a teen, not looking forward to it. Hope you get the advice you are seeking

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