Men behaving badly – Total Recall

In the past week we’ve been exposed to men behaving badly.  Very badly.  I’m not going to weigh in on either the Alan Jones or Peter Slipper debacles because both are complete shitheads with Jones clearly never having heard my mother’s saying “that the clever one keeps quiet”.

Last night The Artist and I settled down to watch a delayed recording of Sunday night’s 60 Minutes.  The Artist had taken care to record it because it featured an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger and focussed on his new book.

I was half-heartedly watching whilst battling the enemy on Words with Friends but I have a radar for liars.  And I heard lying of the worst kind.

I’d read the story when the scandal broke a while ago.  But to hear this man, on international television no less, try and bullshit his way out of confessing to a realisation that 9 months after he slept with his housekeeper, she had a baby, and he didn’t put two and two together and think for one minute it was his child, was really quite something.

No Your Honour, don’t think I recognise that face.

But low and behold, he started paying her money for the child, just because, is supposed to be a plausible explanation.  You’re not that good an actor Asshole.  Really you’re not.

I also don’t recall hearing, at any point in time during the interview, a heartfelt and profound apology to his wife. It was noted however that she gave up her career to support his, went out to bat for him when rumours abounded about groping and bad behaviour on his part with campaign staff and got the most colossal slap in the face imaginable for her efforts.

He also unashamedly admitted that he wanted to keep things quiet as he was the Governor of California and that was his priority over and above confessing his secret to his wife or claiming his paternity and being a father to his son.  You’re a true example of EVERYTHING that is wrong with people Arnold.  It makes a person lose faith.

I don’t put people up on pedestals – I don’t think people should put themselves up there either.  The inevitable fall on the way down can be a long way to travel.  But when you see something like this – sensationalised as it is – somehow you feel the sting that his wife must have experienced when that open hand slammed into her face.

Going back to the original reason for the above interview – the name of the book is Total Recall.  And I know exactly now, why he called the story of his life that:

Oh yes – I now totally recall I slept with the housekeeper

I also totally recall that she had a baby nine months later

I totally recall realising that the boy looks like me

I totally recall that I began support the child shortly after he was born even though I didn’t acknowledge him as mine

I totally recall that I was the Governor of California and could not have any scandal in my wake

I totally recall that I only confessed to my wife when she had me by the balls in front of our marriage counsellor

I totally recall that I am a complete Fuckwit.

The only believable thing is the unbelievable reality of this man’s bullshit.


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