The Buzz and some texts from dog

I had a heavier post lined up for today but I’m not feeling like heavy – we’ve had a four day weekend thanks to some public holidays and some Jewish holidays so I’m kind of relaxed for a change and hoping that perspective stays with me beyond Thursday.  So here’s the buzz.

The school holidays are once again upon us which creates it’s own stress but also takes some of the pressure off. Yes school lunches – I’m talking to you.

Slaving over school lunch…….

The reality however looks more like this.

$5 buys lunch at the canteen. Winning!

The beautiful weather has seen me driving relentlessly up and down to Bondi Beach – Miss13’s new playground.  There’s some thing to be said for that place – it really is it’s own special part of the world.  And the possibility of running into Danny from Puberty Blues would make it the “go to” for any teenage girl.  This actually happened on Friday which saw a slew of facebook photos popping up with the gentleman in question.  I’m not even sure he made it onto the sand.  What were you thinking Dylan Goodearl?

Not the original photo because the young ladies were cavorting in bikinis and we are appropriate on this blog!

I have some things to be grateful for.  My brother – the incorrigible internet guru alerted me to a facebook page called Text from Dog.  It makes me cry I laugh so much.  And the dog calls himself BatDog.  Does it get any better? Here are two great ones:


And this choice one:

If this doesn’t make you laugh, you are not a dog person 🙂

I wonder if there’s a facebook page called Text from Cat???????

And going back to Bondi Beach, with Miss13 off galavanting with her crew, I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with Miss10 and I discovered that I can still roll around full clothed in the sand wrestling for a ball, play dolls – even if I do turn it into an episode of Southland and that while I’m a good playmate – she’s starting to prefer kids her own age to me.  I mentioned to The Artist that him and I are going to be flying solo again soon – weird.

I leave you with this one. It’s a pleasure.


  1. TheKidsAreAllRight (@_kidsallright)

    I love that there are people in the world who have enough time and good humour to create sites like Text from Dog! I’ve also just learned from my 14 yo that Dylan is the latest and greatest. Not great enough to entice her to the beach though, unfortunately. Too inner city for that 🙂

    • alwayslauren

      Thank your lucky stars. I’m already hating the commute between the beaches and we’re only half way through the school holidays……apparently they stalked “Gary” today. Puberty blues – all happening on Bondi Beach.

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