Under the bus

This post could also be titled, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

I’m pissy at the moment.  At myself more than anyone else.  Because I’m a prime candidate for the “Learn To Keep Your Mouth Shut” Course at whatever Uni or Tafe it’s being offered. (Please advise if you know where – alternatively feel free to duct tape my mouth when you see me).

Yes – I need me a nice big roll of this.

I’ve been a sounding board on an issue  for the past few months.  There has been much bitching and moaning and complaining.  And as I said – yours truly (me) – human sounding board. I was given opportunity to raise the issue and bring about a solution to the problem.  Or so I thought.

Cue forward a few weeks when the time came for the people to state their grievance.  And with that, I got thrown under the bus.  Under the bus I tell you.

So the sounding board is feeling rather stupid and from here on out is going to tell people to fuck right off if a mere whinge is heard.  My shoulder is no longer for crying on and what you say will fall on deaf ears. Do. Not. Call. Me. Capish?

In case you had a brain fart and forgot.

Not cool people.  Not cool.

And just in case anyone is wondering – no – no-one asked me to speak on their behalf so I feel doubly stupid and a bit annoyed with self (me again).  That. Is. All.

If you’ve ever been thrown under the proverbial bus I’d love to hear your story.  

To make myself feel better if nothing else x


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