I wanna (have) a sledgehammer

There are not many of us that don’t remember that YouTube video that went viral of that dad in the US taking a gun to his daughter’s computer after he found her rubbishing him on facebook.  “BRAVO SIR” echoed around the world every time someone clicked the link.

To every one of you that’s a parent to a child on facebook – I’m sure you’ve all had those moments when you have wished with all you hold dear for that gun to blow the crap out of that device.

The Artist is currently in that place.  But we don’t know where to get a gun.  So he’s come up with a solution.  He’s just going to use a sledgehammer.

The Artist's Sledgehammer

Sledgehammer vs laptop – place your bets people

But chances are he’s starting with the phone – to make a point.  If the message doesn’t hit home – he’s going after the laptop.

And then I reckon perhaps the founder of Facebook better get himself a bodyguard or two because I’m going to be busy protecting Miss13 and I’ll be diverting attention that way to the source of the problem.

And in case you missed it – to make you smile – again, here it is – the man is a legend in his time.

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