A Glam Rock Nanna has a dream

I’ve been somewhat absent for a few weeks on most social media forums, this one included. It’s been the real work stuff that’s kept me busy, made me a crap mother and wife and resulted in me screaming naked around the house looking for a pair of jeans that I’d hung in the cupboard two days earlier. Doing this on autopilot meant I thought they were still on the drying rack. And lack of trust being what it is – I was certain, certain that Miss13, Miss9 and The Artist just weren’t looking properly. Hmmmm. A piece of humble pie with that thank you.

And the craziness hasn’t ended there unfortunately.

Last night I had a dream. The Artist had an affair at work. 18 days ago to be exact. The significance of the 18 days does not mean a single solitary thing in my life. Shazza at work did point out that he couldn’t have had an affair 18 days ago as we were currently in Melbourne alone for the first weekend in something like 12 years so it was actually a physical impossibility. She’s practical that one. However, this didn’t stop me from waking up from the nightmare dream completely furious. It was 5am and I wanted to bash him. I looked over and weighed up my options. But I still wanted to bash him. You will be pleased to know that I fell asleep again stopped myself because I’m a grown up. I then completely overslept – having had a small 10 minute wake up – and was unable to discuss the issue when I did wake up due to the fact that I only had 20 minutes to bath, do school lunch, put on my face and get the kids out the house. However, having dropped the kids at the institution that drains my bank account quarterly school I had the opportunity to revisit my rage on the phone in the car. Needless to say The Artist did not get how I was angry for something I dreamt he did. I made it quite clear that I would make it my life’s work to make him suffer if this ever actually occured. He reminded me again that he hadn’t actually done anything wrong and that I might be delusional, having had many late work nights accompanied by many early life mornings.

My week culminated with an event with the most fabulous Ahn Do. When I eventually got home, like any good citizen I battened down the hatches and had a cuppa in my fave mug. Guns n Roses – that’s how I roll with my tea baby!

Tea vessel of note.

Feeling the love, I emailed a pic to my young friend who was bumping out the venue that night.

And this game back, and I quote:

“Glam Rock Nanna. Love it”

Ahn Do with Glam Rock Nanna

Yes – I’m a Glam Rock Nanna! Excuse me now while I go look for a stretch Hummer to run the Glam Rock Nanna down.

The Glam Rock Nanna will be waiting for the Glam Rock Hummer to run her down. That is all. Glam Rock Nanna. FML.

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