The Slap

It’s always an ominous moment when a child says “mommy I need to tell you something in private”.

Because seriously, you NEVER know what’s coming.

It could be a ploppy in the pants.  It could be a detention.  It could be that she ate the last piece of Cadburys.

And then you get something completely unexpected.

In a most convoluted way, Miss9 went on to tell me how her desk mate at school, a formerly sweet little boy in my eyes, used her as a demonstration model on Friday.  Apparently the demonstration was a slap.  In the chops.

He did what?????

However, as it turns out, this was not the end of the story.

Miss9 calmly waited while he finished explaining whatever it was he was explaining and then promptly slapped him back for all she was worth.  That’s.  My. Girl.

The take home gift on this one is obviously – don’t turn the other cheek – because letting someone slap you and not slapping them back – is plain stupid.  Put that in your lessons in life file – if Miss9 can do it – so can you.

Miss9 didn’t have the patience – she just slapped him one time – for all she was worth.

In conclusion The Slapper who became the Slappee walked away with watering eyes, not before raising a pen over his head in a stabbing motion and growling at Miss9.  Then logic obviously kicked in at that point and he slunk off.  He was probably anticipating her coming back at him with a machete.


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