The Moon and Venus – generating bullshit and madness in my world

Wow – don’t know if the moon isn’t aligned with Venus but some people are truly losing their perspective (read: minds).  It’s been a full week of bullshit and head shaking on my behalf.  Here are some choice moments – I know you don’t want to read a three page blog so I limited it to two small instances.  You’re welcome.

Sitting in my car last Thursday collecting the kids from school – tension was mounting with the onslaught of the school holidays.  I was in the car as opposed to out because the school has this “go with the flow” arrangement.  It is categorically more fucked up than the carbon tax.  There is no flow, no go and anarchy reigns supreme with the jumping of the line when there’s a gap – like teenagers at a Justin Bieber concert.   This often results in an irate member of staff with a bullhorn forcing an elderly grandparent (they are the worst offenders by the way) to loop the block and do the drive of shame.  Much to the delight of other smirking serial offenders, who have either not been caught that day or chosen not to offend at that particular moment.  Kudos to you mofo’s.

Whilst sitting in my genuine secured spot, against my better judgement I took a call.  There was ranting.  There was raving.  From me there was eye rolling.  I tried, yes I really tried, to see the other side.  But I couldn’t.  Circumstances dictated that realistically people had generated their own hysteria and believed their own bullshit.  All I can say is shame on you for your lack of generosity of spirit and small-mindedness.  Maybe in the next lifetime you’ll return as a Buddhist Monk who has taken a vow of silence.  I see that as your only redemption to a world you currently pollute with your rhetoric.  Bearing in mind that you are unlikely to read this, I rant to myself.  Thank you very much.

At 180km/h

Fast forward to 4.15pm yesterday when a meltdown from Miss12 over a dress not obtainable due to size and stock issues made me question not only my parenting skills but a value system in place for a generation of kids who only know ‘easy come, easy go’.  Whilst trying not to laugh at the madness, my parents made no effort to hide their mirth  But, the underlying issue of “I want to die and cancel my party because I can’t get this dress to wear” is a worrying concept.  I took the opportunity to mention that

  • no, you are not clinically depressed over a dress.
  • no, you are not going to die because you are so disappointed and
  • no, everything is not going wrong in your life because of this small and insignificant snafu with an item of clothing.

Miss9 wants to know if it’s the hormones causing this.

So to make the world a more liveable place I stopped in at the temple of Dan Murphy, bought 2 of these,

Spiritual enlightment

7 of these (one was cold – the rest were boxed)

Muchos cheapos in bulk

and a slab of these (for Arnold/Management/the artist formerly known as The Big O – who by the way does not want any part of this blog anymore – this will be another story for another day).

The second last mention of "you know who"

Did I sign up for any of this?  The answer is obviously no. 

But isn’t the world an interesting place at the moment?  

Which is why the blog is called what it is.


  1. Diane

    You are modeling perfect coping skills for a new mother – 18 months into the journey & I see where this is going . . . the liquor store! My friend.

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