My child will laugh if you walk into a door

Miss 12 and Miss9.  Both born and bred same same.  But different.

Relaying a story in the car this morning about how their granny walked out of a lift and into a glass door got these simultaneous reactions.

Miss9: Is she okay? Miss12: That must have looked so funny, I would have laughed. 

For Miss12's amusement

Now my poor mother knocked her noggin quite a shot there apparently.  There was a bump and bruising.  Which she iced for a few hours thereafter.  She said she felt quite woozy but still managed to make her way home.  Not sure that was what the RTA intended when they issued her a licence to drive.

But, reverting to the reactions of my two daughters I have taken a firm decision that Miss9 will be charged with my aged care and power of attorney when I get Alzheimers and take to my bed.

Miss12 will be tasked with a less onerous job.  Entertainment.  And I will ask her to repeatedly walk headfirst into the nearest solid surface.  For my entertainment.  Psycho.


As will I Miss12, as will I.



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