A renaming ceremony

I have been under the impression of late that there has been some form of misunderstanding in my house.  You see, I started my blog and I think that the Chinese whispers (damn those echo’s) led the Big O to think that I was referring to something I was doing for WORK!  And yes, a blog can be work but my blog is like the most fun I’ve had in ages.  To be fair I do write a bit for a work blog with the help of the very very talented Shelley but Grant me the serenity isn’t work.  Not at all.

Because I am sometimes baseline childish and have a bad sulking habit left over from childhood, when I started GMTS I asked The Big O to read my work and he brushed it off.  The sulks set in big time.  For a year.

A loud version of the sulks. I am nothing if not loud.

A few weeks ago when we were vacationing we established the difference between the two blogs and that there were in fact, two blogs.

However, this has resulted in The Big O requesting a name change.  For all of you born way back when, when we read Archie comics, you will remember a character called Big Ethel.

The Big O feels that association is too close, in his mind anyway.  I actually thought it was the association with Oprah that might send him over the edge , but apparently not.  It’s Big Ethel.

The Big O = Big Ethel. Or Not.

So we are having an official renaming ceremony here at GMTS.  It will be alot loss painful than his original naming ceremony many decades ago when he lost a piece of himself. (The Piep Sny for my Saffer friends also known as a Bris or circumcision)

The real question is, what do I call him?

I refer to him on my likes page as Arnold because he has that Terminator thing going on and when we were first going out and it was playful like, he would pin me down and lick my face until I declared him the King and Savior, Master of the Universe, second to none.  On second thought perhaps I should call him God?  Jesus is already taken (a million times over in Mexico) and The Big O likes a good short haircut – isn’t into that Byron Bay look at all.

Pronounced Hey-Soos

He naturally doesn’t like Mr Barbie and I think The Accountant is somewhat cold?

When ever we go anywhere he is often told he looks like the lovely Jamie Durie, so I could call him Jamie?

And he is wicked in the garden.  He does a good balcony clean-up too.  Did I neglect to mention that the Sweet Sweet Boy cleaned up the pigeon poop?  He definitely won’t like Sweet Sweet Boy.

So I guess it’s a toss up between Arnold and Jamie.

I just chucked a coin and tails you lose Jamie – Arnold it is.

"I use my muscles as a conversion piece. Like someone walking a cheetah down 42nd street." Arnold Schwartzenegger

I am married to Arnold.  Barbie and Arnold.  Arnold and Barbie.  Not sure this is ringing right………………I think this is the part where I ask someone to Grant me the serenity.  I fear this is not the end of this. That is all.


  1. leanne moss

    since we’re all for name changes, i’d like to request to remain as a candycane…
    nothing makes me smile more than being mistaken for someone else’s whatever- you get the point!!


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