Learning from my child

I’m not sure where to start with this post because the past week has been one of those when your world rocks a bit on its axis. But even when you don’t have a modicum of calm left in your body and mind and you repeatedly eye the 9mm attached to the belt of the security guard at work, there is always something to be gained by the experience.

Annie get your gun....

And this time it was Miss12 doing the teaching.

Someone that we both considered to be a very good friend – they had been together through pre-school had quietly not invited her to a big party she was hosting at her home.

I know that at 12 years old these things happen. Hormones, jealousy, bitchy little girls – it’s all part of the growing up process. Like having your heart broken.

And before you get me wrong, I’m not one of those parents who expects her child to be invited to the opening of an envelope. But this was kind of a big one for her. And I think partly the shock was the deception of it all. She interacts with this friend regularly and not only was this done behind her back but when the fact came to light, her friend didn’t have the courage to come clean, and lied. Social media being the voyeur that it is blew the whole charade up four days later.

12, hormonal and rocking the bitchiness

And with Miss12 crying in a heap on the floor at 9pm on Thursday night, I had murder in my heart.

So, I ranted for a good few days – said terrible things. Because I knew how hurt she was.

And at the point where I was thinking about making my displeasure known (not with a 9mm, by the way), I learnt something from my daughter.

She sat me down and said, “Mom – we’re in a small environment. I don’t want any trouble. If we make a big deal out of this I’m going to have to handle people gossiping and I don’t want to go through that. I have to get through the next few weeks and then it’s going to be all over and I never have to see her again”.

Standing ovation. Long-term thinking. And an ability rise above.

Bravo Miss 12!

Alot more powerful than grabbing that 9mm in a purple rage.

Purple rage. That is all.

I learn from my child. Or perhaps I have taught her well.

Either way, I hope that whatever joy her friend and her friends parents gained by hurting Miss 12 like this was worth it.

I doubt it was.


  1. Diane

    She is wise beyond her years and I know where she gets it mama! Social graces you have in spades. Love this girl. And in the end, she rises above and proves that she is what we all strive to be.

  2. Helena Wylie

    articulate, succinct and all so true! A 12 year old rises above the hurt and shows maturity . What an amazing young lady.

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