Percy’s a bag lady

I have come to the startling realisation that my father’s a bag lady.

Percy – a bag lady in his spare time

We’ve always known he’s fond of a freebie and a bargain and once even (in the good old days) helped himself to two slices of a lady’s loaf of bread at Checkers as she searched for a bag after slicing it.

As you do when you only need a sandwich – why buy the whole loaf?

A glass or cutlery set could often be found in his pocket if they took his fancy at a roadhouse or restaurant.  Some of you will recognise this Johannesburg institution – we owe them a set of glasses or two…………..

Cutlery and crockery courtesy of.

Nowadays it seems if he looks lovingly at glassware the restaurant owner just hands it over. He has reduced the food industry to total surrender.

Recently he gifted Miss9 with a pair of dogs. He is candlestine about their origins.

Do you recognise these puppies?

Moving to Sydney 8 years ago has opened up a whole new world for him. People actually leave good shit out on the sidewalk. Which brings me to the story of the Weber BBQ.

Proud as punch, Percy arrives home one day with a spanking new weber.  Besides himself with excitement. “Can you believe what people in Bondi throw out?”

But did someone really throw this out?

The Accountant and I look at each other. Oh shit.  The story unfolds as follows…………

Apparently it was standing unattended on a pavement on Blair Street if I remember correctly.  There is no shadow of doubt in my mind that some stupid shmuck took his new weber out of his car, ran into the house to open up, probably had to use the facilities…..and the rest is history. Back to BBQ’s Galore for you sonny.

And if good shit is your thing, there’s an alley way in Darlinghurst that has the BEST stuff.

Dried flowers for interior decorating……

Keno key rings (my brother actually got excited by this and took a variety home – a possible Junior Bag Lady in training).

Keno shit

And yes, the dogs.

Percy has also been raving about the artwork* – rather avant garde apparently –  featuring two American presidents.

Bill Clinton – you will be prosecuted.

A bit rude for a President.

*the author thanks the Indian waiter smoking in the alley who showed Percy how to use his mobile phone to take the last two pictures.

While he is skilled at search and rescue, technology still challenges him.

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