Sometimes I’m a bit of a dumbass……… for the last 16 years………

Hey there friends and countrymen – long time……………..since June.

Well, much to report since then.  But I won’t bang it all into one story because then I’ll be screwed for content for the rest of the year.

My last post documented what I thought was my true north.  I am now somewhat adrift yet strangely anchored at the same time.

Arriving in my happy place on 30 June, I wept as the plane touched down.  Wept. 

Without going blow by blow through the whole experience – which was wonderful by the way – on a personal note, it took me two days to realise that I had had it all wrong.  For the past sixteen years.  Yup – did I feel like a right dumbass.

I think that when you come home from the best year of your life and are plunged back into a reality where you’re 24 years old, feeling directionless, no boyfriend, no lifeplan and you’re carrying a few extra pounds (read: 30 or so), life can seem somewhat shit. 

And what was can seem somewhat magical.

Me and my girls at Rosh Hanikra, Israel

Knocking me sideways was realising that my true north all this time has been the life I have now, with my husband and my children.  And the reality of how absolutely grateful I am, every second of every day to live in Sydney, Australia.  Where there’s a sense of order.  Where the air is clean and where I know that if I stand in a queue, I will be served when it is my time and there won’t be a stampede for the pool towels when really, there’s enough for everyone – if you’ll just stand in the queue for G-d’s sake!

And now, my safe and happy place is right here where I am today.  Go figure….

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