The Happiness Project

Naomi over at Seven Cherubs has encouraged me to take part in the Happiness Project. You can read more about it by following the link.

To cut a long story short, every day starting April 10 I recorded one thing about the day that made me happy. 

I hope that this makes you think of one thing each day that makes you happy – even when it’s been a shithouse of a 24 hours………..

 10 April

Awesome toast and coffee at The Grumpy Baker – and Miss8 played great soccer.

11 April

Lunch with the legend Leanne Moss (aka Barbie Candy) – a girl’s BFF, even if she’s sort of young enough almost to be my daughter 🙂

 12 April

Meeting with inspiring young man who is driven to succeed – good to know there’s hope for the next generation

 13 April

Kids made most beautiful pottery items at holiday camp – they are sweet and artistic – a mother can dream

 14 April

A day working from home.  True Bliss…………………

 15 April

It’s Friday.  That. Is. All.

 16 April

Don’t judge me but I luuurveddddd the Justine Bieber movie.

 17 April

Lunch with mom and dad – so good to be together.

 18 April

Last day before 8 days, no bread – stuffing myself with carbs – will make any girl  happy!

 19 April

No work and I pull off an entire traditional meal making stuff called “charoset” from scratch.  Feel like a genius Masterchef type.

 20 April

There’s nothing like a good I told you so, to lift the heart.

 21 April

The Twitterati made me smile today, and laugh.

 22 April

The consumption of Easter Eggs is a happiness in itself – those Cadbury people outdid themselves this year.  Joy!

 23 April

An amazing evening with old old friends fromIsrael– there are no words to describe how good it feels to be with the familiar when you’re really 10,000 miles from home.

 24 April

Puzzle-mania has struck our family – and I am genius at it. 

 25 April

Easter Monday – day in bed.  First time this year. And kudos to the creater of the Malteser Bunny.

 26 April

I can start eating bread again at sundown.  Never has a pizza tasted this good.  Seriously.

 27 April

School holidays are over.  And I survived.  Enough said.

 28 April

Attended Kerri Sackville’s book launch and met some beautiful Tweeps.  Made my week/month/year.

 29 April

I don’t have pneumonia, just a bad chest infection – this is something to be happy about.  Apparently…….

 30 April

Spin class – uber happy to be sweating it out on a Saturday morning with my riding crew.

 1 May

Shopping at Westfieldin the City and found the perfect black daggy t’s from oneteaspoon.  And the new food court on Level 5 rocks.

 2 May

Went to launch of Monday Morning Cooking Club (@MMCCChickie) book launch.  Had good old fashioned goss with mom in Miss 12’s class.  It’s good to have a “bitch” every now and again.

 3 May

Book Club with my girls, good food, good coffee, good company.

 4 May

Miss8 swimming squads in new pool – Olympic size and she was like Thorpie – except she’s a small girl.

 5 May

Nothing siginificant happened today – sometimes there’s happiness in that.

 6 May

Lost weight at the Diet Nazi.  I live to see another day.

 7 May

Found a Mona Lisa puzzle at Peter’s of Kensington – doesn’t get any better than this! (I hear you all groaning – by the way.  And stop rolling your eyes.)

 8 May

Farewell cocktail party for uber important work person.  Went flawlessly and managed to avoid a Loser of note.  Many thanks to the Human Shield (even if he didn’t know it).

 9 May

A day full of meetings got cancelled one by one.  Sometimes happiness is sitting (hiding) in your cubicle in your office.

 10 May

Spent the afternoon facepainting hundreds of kids at Randwick Race Course.  Children are beautiful and make life worth living.

Naomi at Seven Cherubs – thank you for making me take the time to find something happy in each day.  Sometimes when 8.30pm rolls around and you’ve been up for over 15 hours – it takes effort to think back and find that one thing.  But there is always one, even if it’s just the taste of chocolate.

 Love and light people xxx


  1. naomi ellis

    Awesome happiness post! Love that you were so busy and had such a full month. What rockin events you were able to attend and I love the chocolate feature through out. Thanks so much for taking part. Naomi x

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