The week that was………

There was a Royal Wedding and two, yes two, kisses!

                                         They threw Osama into the sea.  Go Seals!

 This is Obama in the sea, much much better visual, unless you count the SEALS…..

       Yes ladies, this one’s for you.

Osama used one of his wives as a human shield.  Not cool Dude.  Which is probably why they threw you in the sea.  Just saying.

Not Osama.

 Masterchef Australia started on Sunday night on a wet floor…….what are they thinking?  Anticipating some major OH&S issues………and that’s not only from the tears.

Emma took out Biggest Loser 2011 – if  The Commando was after us I reckon we also might have eaten a few less Easter Eggs.


MILLIONS of geeks brought down the Star Wars website, causing confusion and outrage on the internet.  May the force be with you Jar Jar Binks……. Read more here.

And the disappointment of the week has to be that Mariah named her twins Morrocan Scott and Monroe as opposed to Mate and Matilda.  We were hopeful but perhaps Monroe was a legend in her time……..

Wishing you all a great weekend because Friday sucked dogs balls.  And mother’s day greetings to our ladies who will be celebrating this special day – hope you are spoilt rotten!

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