School shoes – different sizes same child same feet – no problem

This is a letter that was emailed to the parents of my oldest child’s classmates in desperation yesterday. 

Hi All

After drama class on Tuesday afternoon, my daughter – and one of your daughter/sons experienced a brain lapse and are currently wearing two different size school shoes.

I had requested that Kerryn sort this out on Wednesday but apparently it wasn’t a priority.  She is clearly able to walk around in a manner of discomfort.

So, the story is as follows:  The shoes are Clarkes Daytona lace ups (not strictly a girls only shoe) – Kerryn’s is a 045F – the tourist shoe is a 040E.

If you lift the tongue of the shoe – the sizes are clearly visible.  From the outside they appear the same. (Kerryn has mentioned a slight pinch on the one foot – surprising really as it is half a size smaller and not as wide).

I would greatly appreciate it if you could check your kids shoes and let me know which child was separated at birth from mine.

It would also perhaps let Kerryn live to see another day.

Many thanks.




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