Crossing the social media boundary

My husband has often questioned the social media boundaries –he finds it horrific, the level of disclosure that occurs in these forums.  As a social media junkie, while I often agree that there’s a degree of over-sharing (no, I don’t want to know about your Brazilian – the wax not your 20 something lover – him I would be interested in hearing about), it has become an acceptable medium of communication, one that’s not going away and needs to be embraced, particularly if you’re working in the marketing and communications industry.

I took the liberty of spending time with my kids over the December/January holidays – also a time to regenerate so that the next 11 months of full-time work, mothering and everything else that goes into my daily life doesn’t send me to an early grave.  A colleague working at an associated organisation then also decided to take a liberty, but of another kind.  She contacted me for a work related issue through my facebook page.  Apparently because she had “inboxed” me and not written on my wall, this was acceptable.  Because she had called the office and told I was on leave, she again, thought it completely okay to “inbox” me in case I felt like working.  To quote Sharpest Pencil’s Lana (when referring to another individual but which is completely relevant to this one) “is she insane so as to be institutionalised”?  This was seriously one of my more memorable WTF moments.  The woman in question clearly did not see the issue/problem.  My request to contact me for work related issues through my work related email address was  quote “such a friendly response” (read: you cow from hell who doesn’t want to help me despite the fact that you are on leave and I have made the effort to contact you on your personal facebook page) and as such unacceptable.  I mean, she didn’t publicly write on my wall after all.

So, in this age of constant contact and communication, how do we educate people who have boundary issues? Are these cretins the cyberspace equivalent of those people with spatial perception problems that stand too close and spray you with spittle while you stand trapped nose to nose, unable to flee?

In conclusion I want it noted that the said individual, after sending her not so friendly email to my work address, promptly “unfriended” me on facebook.  And I’m laughing as I type this because what I’m really pissed off about is that she hit the defriend button before I did.  Bugger!



  1. life in a pink fibro

    LOL. I tend to go with the ignore option when confronted with such options. Sorry, you sent me a message? Oh, wow, did not come through official channels so… I completely understand why you feel ripped off about not defriending her first!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

  2. reality raver

    The lady did cross the line in this case, however in other cases the situation may not be so clear.

    A lot of people use the social media to promote themselves or their business and I think in these cases it is a bit hypocritical to get upset about people contacting you work related issues or queries.

  3. Lucy

    So true. Funny, awkward, cringe making, but so true.

    I cheerfully ignored a similar email the other day. They presumed that because they had seen me on Twitter, that I should immediately respond to their email.

    Err, no.

  4. Romina Garcia

    Social media is just another way to get stalked. Found that out the hard way. Although life is all about choices. You can either choose to ignore these hateful people or simply allow them to get to you.
    At the end of the day you just need to understand the fact that “it’s not you, it’s them”, and just get on with the show 🙂

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