Weighing In

Weighing In

I hope that this blog post doesn’t land up being a total shamozal (thank you @shamozal on Twitter for reintroducing me to this word) as I weigh in on the blog writing scale, take stock and take the plunge.

Spending the past six months watching, learning and reading the amazing work from the people that I follow on Twitter and who let me into their lives through their comments and blogs, I realise that I want to more than an observer, I want to be a participator.  Yes, I do.

For those of you that know me personally, what I’m about to confess will knock you sideways.  I haven’t yet embarked on this journey because I feel somewhat self-conscious and shy.  A recent post by the talented lady writing 4 kids, 1 dog and a blog (aka @mamabook on Twitter) made me realise that I’m not the only one.  She likened writing to stripping.  Peeling back the layers and laying yourself bare.  Confronting to someone who has previously only ever written in a media and corporate context.  It’s easy to hide behind the Coca Cola sign or the Kelloggs box.

Realising that my virtual mentors on the internet have no idea the magnitude of the impact they’ve had on me (yes you – Kerri, Lana, Rick and Romina)  – I want to go out there and do what they do – hopefully as well as they do it.  I also acknowledge that above all else, I love to write.  And while I dream that I have a book in me, the reality is that I probably won’t find time in this lifetime (perhaps when I am 70.  But by then I’ll have rheumatoid arthritis in my fingers, which will then deny me the opportunity to type furiously on my Macbook or whatever other gadget the Apple people have invented by the year 2040).

So, for those of you reading this who are disappointed that Weighing In isn’t about a diet or exercise program, I’m sure I won’t disappoint you in the future when you hear about my battle with all things food, my love/hate relationship with exercise which is currently in its honeymoon period and my yen to don miniskirts and hotpants that I have never and will never be able to wear.

Not to seem flip and shallow (my @SydneyBarbie Twitter name could be deceptive in this regard), I also have a husband and two kids who provide me with endless material so I highly doubt that I will spend my days blogging about food (or my lack of it) or my current fashion woes.  And when all else fails there are family and inlaws who are always good for a story (read: rant), or the workplace where nothing seems to be out of bounds*. 

(*Names will be changed to protect the identity of people mentioned  and to ensure that I don’t lose my job or get divorced).

2011 is my year of blogging – for those of you joining me consider this the official welcome mat to Always Lauren – I am stoked for the journey ahead.


  1. Romina Garcia

    I got teary eyed reading that! First of all, thankyou for reading my blog! For me it’s mostly a way to vent, but it’s so touching to hear that you not only read it, but get something out of it. I’m very honoured!
    Second of all, congratulations on your decision to blog! I’m just a newbie myself and look forward to reading about your journey , and learning a thing or two, or three or four from you x (I totally wing it, shh don’t tell.)

  2. Gillian Hodes

    Hi Lauren
    Just came across your blog, via FB.
    Good luck with it, I’m looking forward to getting to know you better, this way!
    When we emigrated to Sydney, now 11 years ago, I religiously wrote a long weekly emails. I called them “Missive from Maroubra”, and I sent them to my friends all over the world, mostly not in Aus. These missives were always marked by my dry (OK, cynical) humour, and were really a form of therapy for me – I’d start out venting – anger, sadness, frustration all poured onto the page. But then I’d find the humour in it all, which I’d edit in. This changed my perspective and made for an entertaining (I thought anyway) read. For me, it was really good therapy, actually. What I didn’t manage to master was the short email (have you noticed this already… heh heh?). And then I stopped.
    Now, I look forward to reading more of yours, and hopefully catching up in person again, sometime soon
    Happy blogging. xxx

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